Keeping Technology on Track! Establish clear requirements, create a unified architecture, plan and oversee development, insure compliance, plan product launch and manage product life-cycle!

As a technology development specialist, entrepreneur, and Engineering team director, I have over 25 years experience producing real products!

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What We Do

Architecture Design

Make sure your technology is designed with stable, modular components and services that can grow as your business grows.

Manage Development

Oversee the day-to-day activities of local and remote developers. I've remotely managed teams of developers in India, Russia and here in the United States.

Align Your Team and Product

Make sure your product vision, architecture and operational features are aligned and clear. Clarity results in improved execution.

I review, clarify and oversee all technology architecture and development plans to insure delivery of a quality technology product. I oversee the execution of the development plan and manage priorities to insure product delivery.This is what I do in a nutshell

By creating a clear common understanding of the product and mapping out a logical development plan I insure everyone on the team is aligned and working towards a common goal.

Charlie was very successful at managing his teams by giving them the autonomy to make decisions, while still providing the strategic guidance required to ensure the success of his teams and the projects that they worked on. Charlie was also very successful at leveraging the knowledge and experiences from multiple teams and past projects into new projects by constantly refining his management style based on what worked will in the past. Mike Troup - Crestron Electronics

Our Skills


Requirements Definition


Architectural Design


Development Plan


Team Management

Our clients speak.Real people with real comments...

I started a tech company knowing nothing about technology and was lucky enough to find Charlie. I've learned building a tech product is like building a house. You need a blueprint and a well-defined plan. Charlie enabled us to operate like a well-established company with a full-tech team while using private contractor developers. Charlie's R&D, instruction, and innate sense of how to overcome hurdles on the fly has allowed us to bring to market a great product with minimal resources.

Adam Potash, CEO Mind's Eye Technologies -

Charlie pushes his engineering teams to always work efficiently, keeping an eye to the future as they work hard on today's problems. He does not take short cuts for short term gains, but produces high quality results on time, in a way that makes the next project always more successful than the last.

Justin Kennington,Director of Strategic and Technical Marketing at AptoVision -

Charlie is one of those few people that not only make your life pleasant, but who invariably can be counted on for outstanding technical and business judgment, and implementation and follow through. He is a gem.

Art Salzfass - Advisor Toro International -

Charlie is incredibly driven and has a great sense of what is needed to accomplish a given task. He always has an eye for detail and future features of systems. He has a great ability to bring out the best in the teams he works with.

Michael Ward - Smart Software -

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